Delivery - Zellisera

1. Order

After acknowledging receipt, the Zellisera store processes your order upon acceptance of payment.
When registering the order, the buyer will have to pay the total amount of the invoice.

Shipping charges include preparation and packaging costs and shipping costs:

Prices by carrier - Price excluding VAT in €
DPD France, Monaco 8.25
European Union 17.50
Colissimo France, Monaco 13.25

2. Preparation

We recommend that you group all your items in one order.
We can not combine two orders placed separately and shipping charges apply to each of them.
Orders for items on the shop are sent to the shop. Upon receipt of items, your order is prepared. This process can take between 1 to 2 weeks to which must be added 2 to 5 days of transport.

The dimensions of boxes for packages are appropriate and your items are properly protected.
They will then be sent to the carriers who forward the packages to the delivery address indicated on the invoice.

3. Delivery

Packages are shipped via the chosen carrier with a tracking number.
Discount without or against signature possible according to the selected carrier.
We send you a link to track your package online.
The delivery period noted in France between the delivery of the package to the carrier and the receipt by you is generally less than 72 hours. However this time may increase due to a routing problem related to the carrier or for delivery on the islands.
In the case of a momentary unavailability of one or more items, the delivery of articles will be made no later than thirty days following the order.

Secure payments - Zellisera

WARNING: The validation of an order implies obligatorily the payment of this one.

1. HTTPS secure browsing

Zellisera uses a secure http protocol with the SSL encryption system. By logging on the Zellisera shop, a padlock appears next to your browser's internet address bar. This means that the connection to our site is encrypted. Nobody can spy on communications or tamper with them.

2. Payment by credit card

Payments by Visa and MasterCard are possible within the limit of 1500 € All Taxes included. The transaction takes place on the secure platform of our partner bank.

3. Payment by bank transfers

Payments by bank transfer are possible but require longer processing.
This option is reserved primarily for professionals who will have to pay the full payment by immediate bank transfer without the possibility of deferred payment..
All packages will leave the warehouse only upon receipt of proof of payment.

4. Payment by administrative mandate

Payments by administrative mandate are exclusively reserved for public service administrations and other local authorities.